MHP Salud

Enhancing Content Delivery for Health Organizations

MHP Salud creates resources and offers training to organizations that run health programs—but each was experienced separately. As Marketing Director, I stepped in with a content marketing plan to create a more streamlined experience for our target audience to boost our quality leads.
Streamlined Customer Journey
Increased organic website traffic
Implement a content marketing plan at MHP Salud to streamline the customer journey and boost organic traffic by 20% within one year, enhancing both internal operations and consumer engagement.
Revitalize MHP Salud's blog with a strategic content overhaul. This meant conducting audit, gap analysis, and creating a centralized content hub for enhanced collaboration. This would allow us to expand tactics through each stage of our funnel. Additionally a WordPress templating system was needed to boost internal contributions.


My approach began with a comprehensive content audit, identifying reusable content and uncovering gaps for new or expanded material. I then established a centralized content hub for efficient organization and access.

Collaborating across departments, we pooled expertise and resources to update and innovate content, leveraging brainstorming sessions for repurposing strategies. This collaborative effort led to a detailed project plan, aligning content updates with strategic dissemination across all marketing funnel stages.

To bring in new potential leads, we focused on using SEO tactics and leveraging the influence of our partner’s networks on social and email to disseminate the infographics, webinars and white papers that were created from the content audit.

We used email marketing to target organizations who’ve already interacted with our brand–sending segmented emails with resources relevant to the organization’s mission.

To further enhance our digital footprint, I revamped the blog’s structure to include related posts, categories, and resource ads, booting user engagement.

Finally, I upgraded our content creation process by developing a custom WordPress templating and approval system, facilitating increased contributions organization-wide.

Systems Used

Microsoft, WordPress, Asana, Salesforce, Adobe Illustrator, Canva


The content marketing strategy delivered great outcomes, evidenced by a consistent 20% annual increase in organic website traffic. We achieved a significant increase in our email marketing click-through rates, coupled with a notable rise in lead generation from our website.

A side-effect of updating old blogs with SEO tactics was a rise in our rank performance, making it to the top of the results page for valuable words in our industry like “Familismo” and “Promotora”.

One unexpected outcome from the introduction of the WordPress templating system was a significant reduction in the Marketing department’s time investment in blog publication. We went from an average of 4 hours to merely 30-60 minutes per blog. This efficiency gain enabled us to enhance our strategic marketing initiatives, amplifying our reach and engagement within the health organization community.

Two months post-implementation, our health strategists successfully published two impactful blogs, marking the beginning of a sustainable model for content creation and dissemination. The visibility and accessibility of these resources have been instrumental in supporting our mission to uplift MSAWs through education.

View one of the blogs that was published using the new procedure.


This project underscored the power of cross-departmental collaboration and innovative problem-solving to boost our brand. By marrying project management principles with our strategic goals, we not only streamlined our content creation process but also set a new standard for engaging and supporting our community.