Building Brand Authority

As the Marketing Director at MHP Salud, a well-established organization with 35 years of experience working with community health workers (CHW), I was tasked with leading the digital marketing efforts for our revitalized training services.

The Challenge

Up to this point, MHP Salud faced a significant challenge: our digital marketing was underutilized, causing us to fall behind in a rapidly evolving industry. Competing organizations had already established themselves as leaders in the digital domain, capturing a considerable market share. Our task was not only to catch up but to reposition MHP Salud as a premier authority in CHW training. 

We aimed to secure five training contracts by the end of the first year and set out to achieve this through a multifaceted digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Expansion:

We launched a campaign on LinkedIn that shared impactful stories from CHWs, thereby humanizing and showcasing the real-world impact of our training. This approach was complemented by partnerships with influencers in the healthcare sector, participation in webinars, and active engagement in podcasts to broaden our reach.

Data-Driven Engagement:

Utilizing Salesforce, we audited our LinkedIn followers against our database to identify gaps and opportunities for engagement. A "warmth scale" helped prioritize follow-ups with organizations that had prior interactions with us, offering them free consultations to rekindle their interest.

Enhanced Website UX and SEO:

We revamped our website’s user experience and implemented both on-page and off-page SEO optimizations. This included publishing a research page on CHW certifications by state, which served as an evergreen resource driving continuous traffic to our site.

Targeted Advertising and Email Marketing:

Utilizing our Google Ad grant, we launched PPC campaigns that significantly increased our training service inquiries. Our email marketing strategy was overhauled to include segmented follow-ups based on user engagement, which dramatically increased our open rates.

Educational and Promotional Initiatives:

We increased the frequency of educational postings, highlighted new resources in our portfolio, and hosted free webinars with a strong call to action CTA for training sign-ups.

The Results 

We reached five training cohorts before the end of the year. Because of high demand, a waiting list was created to reach out to leads once we had the capacity to continue. 
Our LinkedIn followers increased from 700 to 1,000, significantly boosting our engagement rates.
Our email subscriber count saw a dramatic increase from 5,000 to 11,000, with content reaching above-industry-standard click-through rates.
We established 20 new partnerships, enhancing our network and reinforcing our position in the industry.

In 2023, MHP Salud was awarded funding to offer exclusive training services to organizations in Florida. This recognition is directly tied to the relationships built while establishing MHP Salud as an authority figure within the Community Health Worker profession.
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