Going Viral @ PUSH28

1.6 Million Views and Counting

Initially, PUSH28 thrived on Instagram, but we soon realized the limitations of short-form content. Our audience craved more in-depth storytelling which Instagram could not accommodate at the time. After identifying a solution we developed a strategic plan to launch and grow on a new platform that would lead to the addition of a viral video to our portfolio. 

Finding a Solution for Long-form Content

We needed to find a suitable platform to host longer videos without compromising our website's performance, as integrating video hosting could slow down site speed and consume valuable bandwidth. After careful consideration and research, YouTube emerged as the ideal platform for our needs. It offered an extensive hosting solution and provided opportunities for growth and enhanced creator visibility.

A project scope was developed and we set a timeline of 2 years to complete the project. We wanted to attract at least 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2019 by delivering engaging content and leveraging strategic partnerships.

Strategic Content Development:

 The key here was relevance. We leveraged historical data from our Instagram account to hone in on what our audience craves – local celebrity sightings, influencer stories, and provocative behind-the-scenes looks at taboo industries.


A structured scheduling system was established for regular content upload, ensuring a steady stream of new videos. We published the schedule on IG using motion graphic videos -- a tactic that made us stand out amongst our peers. 

Partnerships and Collaborations:

We partnered with local influencers and artists, to broaden our reach and expand our network. Utilizing Youtube's settings to tag our partners and allowing them to embed our videos on their platforms was a major player in driving traffic.  

Data-Driven Optimization:

Keyword research was vital in optimizing our videos for YouTube search. Custom tests on video titles and thumbnails were conducted to maximize viewer engagement. One notable test involved changing a video title to "A Billion Dollar Bloodsport" and adjusting the thumbnail, setting us on a path to reach a million views. 

The Results 

We published over 130 videos between 2018 and 2020. Our channel amassed 1.6 million lifetime views
Grew to 6,000 subscribers, surpassing our initial goal of 1000.
Viewer engagement was exceptional, with 92% of traffic coming from our YouTube watch page and 86% discovering our content through YouTube search.

Lessons Learned 

Expanding into YouTube was a significant milestone for PUSH28, allowing us to scale our content offerings and deepen audience engagement. While we paused operations in 2020 to reassess our capabilities, the growth and success of our YouTube channel have paved the way for future endeavors and collaborations with renowned industry figures. This experience underscored the importance of adapting to audience needs and leveraging platform strengths, setting a foundation for continued innovation in multimedia production.